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ACT Greens Policy Statement on West Basin development

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - September 20, 2020

For the ACT Greens to accept any residential development of the West Basin precinct, there are a series of preconditions that need to be met. These include: 1. Any development needs to protect and enhance the public domain. Public access to the Lake and surrounds must be maintained in a manner that promotes a wide…

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Candidates/Policy Statements concerning Lake Burley Griffin and West Basin

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - September 9, 2020

Please find the document as follows which includes: Letter from ACT Liberals Mark Parton MLA and same letter from Elizabeth Lee MLA 2  Flyer from Candice Burch MLA, ACT Liberals 3  Flyer from Bruce Paine, Independent 4  Flyer from Alvin Hopper, CAP Candidate. View PDF Document

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Privatising Acton Park is still an issue

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - August 13, 2020

The Barr Government’s Place Plan for West Basin released today in the Canberra Times does not state how many apartments or the height of the buildings. It does not show or explain any access across Parkes Way or access from Commonwealth Avenue. Critically, the new plan by consultants does not show how much of our…

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West Basin Phase 2 (boardwalk and lake infill)

Guardian content creator - May 25, 2020

The Guardians have lodged a detailed submission expressing our serious concerns about the works approval application for infilling 2.8 hectares of the lake to build a 500 m promenade. A copy of our submission will be made available on our website for the information of Guardians and interested members of the public.

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Commonwealth Avenue Bridge – Heritage

Graeme Kelleher AO. HON FIE AUST. FTSE. FEIANZ. - July 6, 2019

In explaining why i believe so strongly that commonwealth avenue bridge should be maintained for a very long time as an irreplaceable heritage structure, I shall describe the design and construction of the two parallel bridges that make up the commonwealth avenue bridge. Download this articles as a PDF here The bridges were designed by…

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Canberra Community Groups Want Better Planning And Early Involvement

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - October 16, 2018

Around 450 citizens demonstrated concern with the state of planning in the nation’s  capital at Albert Hall on Monday 10 September. Not only was there a large crowd present, but also several executives of national heritage organisations representing a combined membership of over 3500. Read Media Release

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IGPA Canberra Conversations: The impact of planning decisions on Canberra’s heritage values and urban form

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - September 6, 2018

This event: Monday 10 September 2018 at 6:00pm – 8.00pmAlbert Hall, 100 Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla ACT 2601. Catering of snacks available at 5.30pm More information is at: Our wonderful lake is set to be butchered by the West Basin development. Note it is no longer City to the Lake. It appears the connecting component to the…

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ICOMOS Resolution – Conservation of the Lake Burley Griffin and Lakeshore Landscape

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - March 5, 2018

ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites – a unique, non-governmental, not-for-profit international organisation, committed to furthering the conservation, protection, use and enhancement of the world’s cultural heritage – held it’s 19th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium in Delhi (India), December 2017. During this event, which gathered over 1000 participants and guests from 113…

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Emergency Heritage Nominations for Canberra Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - March 5, 2018

The Lake Burley Griffin Guardians are delighted that the Federal government has commenced reviewing our submission for emergency heritage listings of Lake Burley Griffin and its Lakeshore Landscape. “We thank the Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, for acting and asking his department to conduct the heritage assessment”, said convenor Juliet Ramsay. Download…

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Emergency Nominations for Lake Burley Griffin and Lakeshore Landscape

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - January 20, 2018

Despite the public concern for protecting the Lake and its lakeshore as demonstrated in our public meeting and petition to the ACT Government, the City Renewal Authority has stated it will be starting the work to infill 2ha of lake bed to enable a building estate. Therefore the Guardians have prepared Emergency Nominations for Lake…

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Urgent Demand For Public Consultation — West Basin Public Parkland Petition From Lake Burley Griffin Guardians

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - November 20, 2017

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians will be delivering a petition to the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday 22 November to stop privately owned lakeshore development. The public petition, with over 730 signatures from local Canberra residents, shows that more than three times as many Canberrans oppose the West Basin development than supported it in the Government’s much touted 2013 consultation.

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Guardians call for whole of lake integrated conservation management plan for lake lands

Guardian content creator - October 25, 2017

The next ACT Budget should reallocate funding from a proposed Lake Burley Griffin foreshore development to upgrade the existing West Basin, according to the  Lake Burley Griffin Guardians. Responding to an ACT Government call for public submissions and comments leading to the 2018 Territory Budget, the Guardians are calling for a whole-of-lake integrated conservation management plan…

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Guardians support the ACT Living Green Festival

Guardian content creator - September 25, 2017

The Lake Burley Griffin Guardians were very heartened at the support we received from many people at the Living Green Festival at Canberra’s Albert Hall on Sunday 1 Oct. Several Guardians operated a stall at the festival to provide information to visitors and members about our objectives and current activities. As a voluntary organisation concerned…

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Threats to Lake Burley Griffin and Lakeshore Landscape noted in international Heritage Risk report

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - September 3, 2017

The recently published Heritage@Risk World report by ICOMOS on Monuments and Sites in danger features an article about the Lake Burley Griffin and Lakeshore Landscape. The article speaks for itself with West Basin the main concern.  It can be accessed at: . Lake Burley Griffin Guardians have been working hard to get some focus on the appalling…

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Acton Peninsula Precinct draft Structure Plan (May 2017)

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - May 22, 2017

Submissions have been called from the National Capital Authority for the public to comment on this plan. We encourage every Guardian and all friends to submit a response in their own words expressing their concerns.

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View from Commonwealth Avenue

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - January 18, 2017

A digitally enhanced view of what Commonwealth Avenue may look like if West Basin’s redevelopment goes ahead.

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Lake Burley Griffin Guardians Update

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - December 21, 2016

Petition to Australian Parliament The Guardians petition with 606 signatures was accepted by Parliament for referral to Senator the Hon Fiona Nash. JSCNCET In order to draw attention to the adverse impacts occurring to Lake Burley Griffin’s Lakeshore parklands, the Guardians have been busy lobbying members of the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital…

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Tanamasi Music at the Celebration of West Basin

Penny Moyes - October 24, 2016

On the 9 th October the Lake Burley Griffin Guardians held a celebration at West Basin to raise awareness of the ramifications of the proposed development to take place as part of City to the Lake project. The celebrations began with a guided walk along the foreshore to the Museum by the Convenor of the Guardians, Juliet Ramsay….

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Political Party Intentions for West Basin Received by Lake Burley Griffin Guardians

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - September 12, 2016

The Guardians wrote to the ACT political parties to seek an understanding of their intentions for West Basin. We have responses from those numbered 1-5 that includes a response from an Independent and nothing from the others. Liberal Party ACT; JeremyHanson Liberal Party ACT; Denise Fisher ACT Greens Marea Fatseas Independent for Kurrajong Sustainable Australia…

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A Long Term Plan is Vital for Lake Burley Griffin and Civic

Tony Powell - August 18, 2016

The references by Ian Wood-Bradley and Malcolm Snow about the intended layouts by Walter Burley Griffin for Civic, West Basin and Kings and Commonwealth avenues are pointless, simplistic and unhelpful. According to Professor Paul Reid in his scholastic study “Canberra Following Griffin”, Griffin’s genius was most clearly expressed in his 1911 Federal Capital Competition entry….

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A Heavy Load of Spin from the Governments

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - August 17, 2016

At the crowded Lake Burley Griffin Guardians public meeting 27 July, Government officers claimed that extensive public consultation on the West Basin development had been held. But the major part of the development, the building estate for apartments and businesses was excluded from the Foreshore consultation. This is the most dramatic and damaging impact —the blocking…

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West Basin in Danger

Juliet Ramsay - March 22, 2016

The ACT Government aided by the National Capital Authority propose a land grab at West Basin by pushing out the shore line to the extent of floats shown on these images. An extensive foreshore of boardwalk, promenade, water spaces and pavilions is to be built beyond the line of infill. This infill land and most…

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West Basin Parkland to Be Taken for a Building Estate

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - February 8, 2016

The ACT Government is planning to develop nearly all the space of West Basin parkland in its City to the Lake proposal commencing next financial year. The symbolic route to Australia’s Parliament along Commonwealth Avenue will be adversely impacted by buildings of 6-8 storeys blocking vistas across the lake to the hills and mountain ranges….

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The Visual Impact of the Proposed West Basin Development

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - October 31, 2015

Views of West Basin from near the National Museum. The white rectangles illustrate the approximate height of the buildings proposed in West Basin Estate Development Stage 2. Note the rectangles are not true to the shape of the blocks and the buildings would seem as one continuous mass from this angle. Work on Stage1A, Foreshore…

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What’s wrong with the Draft National Capital Plan Review – Issues Fact Sheet

Lake Burley Griffin Guardians - September 24, 2015

The Exposure Draft of the National Capital Plan (NCP) 2015 creates major planning and aesthetic problems as it proposes extreme developmental criteria that will be enormously detrimental to the aesthetic and heritage values of Lake Burley Griffin and Canberra in general. West Basin This area has already seen the development of popular activity spots such as the Mr…

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City Hill to Become a Concrete Birthday Cake and West Basin an Apartment Lego-Land

Juliet Ramsay - August 22, 2015

The Exposure Draft of the National Capital Plan (NCP) 2015 was recently out for public comment and submissions. There are several stages in this revision taking it to the end of the year when it will be submitted to the Minister. The plan allows for development extremes, discussed below, that will be enormously detrimental to the beauty of Lake Burley Griffin and Canberra in general…

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